Teaching in the Fast Lane (May 2017)


Free On-Demand ASCD Archived Webinar with Suzy Pepper Rollins. Duration:  1-hour Summary Warning: this webinar may involve burning or shredding district planning templates! Teaching in the Fast Lane is about crafting lessons that inspire and motivate students to reach their learning targets. The way we plan and implement learning experiences influences work ethic, intrinsic motivation, engagement, and memory. Active lessons are … Read More

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students (Jan 2017)


Free On-Demand ASCD Archived Webinar with Susan Brookhart. Duration:  1 hour, 2 minutes Summary Feedback is an important component of the formative assessment process. The power of feedback lies in giving students the information they need to learn and improve. At the same time, if the feedback is clear and the next steps are doable, the feedback also gives students … Read More

Rise to the Challenge: Designing Rigorous Learning That Maximizes Student Success (Sept 2019)

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Free On-Demand ASCD Webinar with Jeff C. Marshall Duration:  1 hour, 5 minutes Summary Do you sense that some students have mentally “checked out” of your classroom? Look closely and you’ll probably find that these students are bored by lessons that they view as unchallenging and uninteresting. Leveraging the latest research in the field as well as years of classroom … Read More