The Exploratorium


The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco. Its website offers a place where students can explore their curiosity and discover scientific concepts through videos, reading, educational games, and other activities. Students can explore the science of music and dance and the physics of baseball or try to crack the Mayan code. They can … Read More

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Climate Change


Help your students to understand the debate surrounding the issue of climate change with the EPA’s current research, news stories, and multimedia resources that explore shifts in the earth’s climate. The agency even created a special site to help students of all ages track the effects of climate change and changing weather patterns around the world.

Crash Course Kids


Elementary Grades Science Videos (Free trial period, then subscription needed)



Multimedia lessons and course materials to assist students



Created by the National Center for Families Learning in 2010, the website has over 2000 Wonders of the Day covering a vast range of topics

Viral Science Lab

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The Viral Science Lab website was developed in an effort to give students everywhere a deeper understanding of the science taught in classrooms each and every day by demonstrating labs that can be completed at home.