How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students (Jan 2017)


Free On-Demand ASCD Archived Webinar with Susan Brookhart. Duration:  1 hour, 2 minutes Summary Feedback is an important component of the formative assessment process. The power of feedback lies in giving students the information they need to learn and improve. At the same time, if the feedback is clear and the next steps are doable, the feedback also gives students … Read More

Rethinking Homework: New Practices, New Roles (Dec 2018)

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Free On-Demand ASCD Archived Webinar with Cathy Vatterott Duration:  1 hour, 1 minute Summary K–12 homework practices have continued to evolve since the first edition of Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs was published in 2009. In this webinar, author Cathy Vatterott examines the evolution of homework since then and how concerns about equity and academic stress have led to … Read More