Designing and Using Authentic Tasks and Projects for Meaningful Learning and Assessment (Mar 2020)

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Free On-Demand ASCD Archived Webinar with Jay McTighe, Kristina Doubet, & Eric Carbaugh
Duration:  1 hour, 1 minute


Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects: Tools for Meaningful Learning and Assessmentauthentic learning and assessment that relies on applying disciplinary knowledge and engaging the 21st century skills—critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration—valued in the wider world. Classrooms that employ these experiences—or ideally are designed around them—stress using unique learning situations or contexts. Although these tasks and projects hold immense promise to engage students in meaningful learning, they come with their own challenges to design and implement.

This webinar will address some of these challenges using set of task and project design variables intended to help educators:

  • Flexibly develop rich assessment and learning experiences based on curricular goals, instructional time, available resources, and student needs.
  • Equitably implement performance tasks and projects.
  • Manage a growth-centered and performance-based learning environment.

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