Are you looking for new strategies for your math lessons? Do you want new ideas to bring inspiration and excitement into those lessons?  Join NHASD, in partnership with NHTM, for this full-day conference.  Select from eighteen different sessions in addition to a keynote presentation by Dr. Steven Leinwand.  Joining Dr. Leinwand will be Graham Fletcher, Kristin Hilty, Karolyn Wurster, and Dr. Kevin Mahoney.

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Habits of Resilient Educators:
Strategies for Thriving During Times of Anxiety, Doubt, and Constant Change



 Join us to examine a framework of nine habits of practice that meet modern educators where they are: employed in a field at the intersection of mundanity and sainthood. Apply practices from two of the habits (prioritizing amidst a sea of initiatives and navigating negativity). Ground your learning in personal goals to enhance your well-being, cultivate agency, and attain the utmost impact on student learning.
  • Understand how habits from the book’s framework (Habits of Resilient Educators), when practiced with consistency, support teacher’s efficacy, personal well-being, and ability to manage the changes and complexities of contemporary school environments with success.
  • Learn strategies for building capacity by practicing two of the habits described in the workshop at regular, consistent intervals for continuous improvement and optimal success.

April 2, 2024
4:00 – 5:00 PM

The webinar will be at this link. There is no need to sign up.