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NHASCD follows the work and actions of the New Hampshire Board of Education and the New Hampshire State Legislature.

  • Perhaps the biggest educational policy news of the year is the judge’s decision in the ConVal and Rand cases. While many celebrate the news, the decision will likely be appealed.
  • Check out this article if you want to know more about NH’s state education property tax (SWEPT).
  • Christine Downing, long-time NHASCD member and Director of Curriculum and Instruction in SAUs 32 (Plainfield), 75 (Grantham) and 100 (Cornish), is helping NH educators and citizens understand the 306s.
  • Speaking of the 306s (Minimum Standards), there may be a January presentation at the State Board of Education. No draft will be released at this point.
  • The legislative session is kicking into high gear in Concord. The session begins with LSRs or “Legislative Service Requests.”
  • There are LSR’s on special education funding (LSRs 2062, 2658, and 2623), one to increase base adequacy (LSR 2209), and a reform bill based on the Commission to Study School Funding Report (LSR 2249).
  • Do you want to understand how a bill becomes a law in our state? Check out this link.

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