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NHASCD follows the work and actions of the New Hampshire Board of Education and the New Hampshire State Legislature.

Due to the Coronavirus, the New Hampshire Legislature was essentially shut down for nearly three months.  Despite the restrictions, the State Senate consolidated hundreds of pieces of legislation into several omnibus type bills to accommodate their limited timetable.

In July 2020, Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 1558.  This bill relates to

  • the discipline of students,
  • addressing students’ behavioral needs,
  • making an appropriation,.
  • kindergarten funding,
  • violence in schools,
  • policies for students with head injuries,
  • child sexual abuse prevention education and training, and
  • authorizing the issuance of bonds or notes by a municipality,
  • adding the chancellor of the university system of NH to the department of business & economic affairs council of partner agencies,
  • change of school or assignment due to manifest educational hardship,
  • school board expenditure of year-end fund balances,
  • a children’s system of care,
  • student wellness, and
  • criminal background checks for bus drivers.  Read the bill here.

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