Webinar 2: Everybody Brings Something to the Table. Is Yours Pride or Privilege?


August 4, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Jan Yost, Executive Director

This is the second webinar is in a four-part series on Racial & Ethnic Identities:  Supporting Inclusive Environments to Build Trust featuring Craig Martin.

The objectives of the entire series are to

  • Explore strategies for creating a more inclusive environment for all students, families, and staff where their racial and ethnic identities are valued and affirmed.
  • Gain insight into our own racial and ethnic identities and how our identities impact how we experience the world.
  • Reflect on how our racial identity affects how we are or are not impacted by institutional racism and structural inequality.
  • Gain insight into how schools can develop/enhance relational trust across racial differences.

During this session

  • Explore how owning your privilege widens the lens to access and opportunity gaps among our most vulnerable learners.

All sessions begin at 10:00 AM and last for 90 minutes.

Although we encourage you to attend all four sessions to receive the full benefit of this series, you can register for individual sessions.


Full Series (4 Sessions)   NHASCD/Maine ASCD Members:  $50;  Non-members:  $75

Single Session:   NHASCD/Maine ASCD Members:  $20 per session; Non-members:  $25 per session

MaineASCD members should write to ascdmaine@gmail.com for the Discount Code.


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