New Hampshire Visible Learning+ featuring John Hattie, John Almarode and Kierstan Barbee


February 13, 2023 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Doubletree by Hilton Manchester Downtown
700 Elm St

What works best in teaching and learning?  What approaches, interventions and strategies accelerate learning in your school or classroom?  The answer to these two driving questions resulted in the creation of the Visible Learning database almost 30 years ago, providing a robust collection of what has the potential to accelerate student learning.  However, the major message from what is now approximately 2,000 meta-analyses, from over 100,000 studies, with 273,000 effects and 320 influences, and includes over 300,000,000 students is:

It is not what we teach or how we teach, but how we think about our teaching that matters most.

So what and how should we think about our teaching?  The answer: making learning visible.  We must continuously make learning visible in our schools and classrooms so that we can evaluate the impact of our teaching on students’ learning. This type of deliberate thinking is known as evaluative thinking and is the focus of this action-packed, mind-blowing institute.  Making learning visible and engaging in evaluative thinking helps ensure that each student makes at least one year’s worth of growth for each year of school.  While the Visible Learning database provides a robust collection of what has the potential to work best in teaching and learning, moving from potential to impact requires us to move from deliberate thinking to engaging deliberate practices in our schools and classrooms that accelerate student learning.

Join us for an amazing day of learning where we will move beyond Visible Learning as a ranking system or checklist and towards a way of thinking about our role as evaluators of our impact.  We will unpack the latest findings from the Visible Learning database so that we can engage in deliberate practices around what content, ideas, and skills we want our students to know, understand, and do. Making learning visible will allow you to identify what works best in teaching and learning and how to approach the implementation of what works best in your own school and classroom.

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