Achievement Teams: A Better Approach to PLCs with Steve Ventura


October 5, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Grappone Conference Center

Achievement Teams™ is an experiential and effective four-step protocol centered around Collective Teacher Efficacy — a shared belief that educators can have a greater impact on student achievement when they work together. Within Achievement Teams, educators look at student data to make decisions about instruction and teaching practices that need to shift to best meet student needs. Achievement Teams ensure continuous improvement and better student outcomes by providing a structure for teachers to collaboratively reflect, identify areas of need, and select optimal instructional approaches to respond to those needs.

This protocol fosters positive relationships, encourages responsible autonomy, and creates professionals who enthusiastically believe they can improve student outcomes through equitable learning cultures.

What You Will Learn

Leave this dynamic learning event ready to:

  1. Implement a four-step collaborative protocol that promotes collective ability and creates conditions that support educators to continuously reflect on and improve their practice

  2. Enable teacher teams to effectively share innovative teaching strategies and learning practices, increasing both collaboration and student achievement

  3. Make the most of collaborative time by clearly defining goals and expectations

  4. Create a replicable, student-centered cycle of evidence-gathering, goal-setting, data interpretation, and decision-making

About the Presenter

Steve Ventura is the president and lead consultant at Advanced Collaborative Solutions. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies. Steve is a former elementary and secondary teacher as well as both a school and district-level administrator. Steve has published multiple books and articles, and regularly presents and keynotes at major global education events.
Included in the registration fee is a copy of Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy by Michelle Ventura and Steve Ventura
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