The Sorting Hat: Is There a ‘Slytherin’ of Neuroscience that Applies to Education

Oh no! What if we’re not in Gryffindor house! Neuroscience studies never intended to address learning, so what’s all the Hufflepuff about? They are more likely to investigate depression, genetics, post-trauma plasticity, neuro-degenerative diseases, and mapping anatomical structures. References to education are transfers used to bridge neuro-findings to our profession. While it’s a worthy cause, few findings are a direct … Read More

NHASCD Welcomes Two New Members to the NHASCD Board of Directors

The NHASCD Board of Directors is proud to welcome Ben Wolfson and Lynnette Lawrence to the board. Ben Wolfson is presently the Assistant Principal at the Gilmanton School and will oversee the Brief Reads Member Benefit and the NH Journal of Education.     Lynnette Lawrence is a Universal Design for Learning Education Consultant with the NH Department of Education.  … Read More

15 Tips for the New Principal

My most read blog post is an attempt to provide advice to new principals. Originally written 10 years ago on my blog Principal Reflections, the advice below (with some light editing) still works: This is the season of new beginnings. Administrators search for novel ways to inspire their staff and balance exciting initiatives and necessary mandates into a vision that … Read More

Why Surveys Are a Key School Leadership Tool

Principals, how effective was your back-to-school preservice this year? Did teachers gain knowledge and learn new skills? Sure, everyone enjoyed the donuts in the teachers’ lounge, but how did people feel about the professional development sessions that were offered? Were they effective? Did they meet teachers’ needs?   The past couple of years have been especially tough for educators, and … Read More

Lucy Canotas Appointed NHASCD President-Elect

New Hampshire ASCD is pleased to announce Lucy Canotas has been appointed the NHASCD President-Elect effective July 2022.  Ms. Canotas has been the NHASCD Secretary since June 2020 and is currently the Director of Elementary Education in the Timberlane Regional School District.

New Board Member Announced

NHASCD is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristen Moreland to the NHASCD Board of Directors.  Kristen is presently the Director of Teaching and Learning in the Littleton School District.  She is an experienced educational leader with over twenty years of experience, both international and domestic.  She has been trained in instructional design and planning, data-driven practices, Cognitive Coaching, and … Read More

Podcast Update

Several new episodes have been added to our podcast.  Here are a few! Building Resiliency Through SEL with Katie Pagnotta Compassionate Coaching: Navigating Barriers to Professional Growth with authors Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee. Hacking Learning Centers with authors Starr Sackstein & Karen Terwilliger Principal Labs:  Strengthening Instructional Leadership Through Shared Learning with authors Samantha Keesling, Megan Kortlandt, and Carly … Read More

NHASCD Announces New Board Members

NHASCD is pleased to announce the selection of four new board members who will each help support our work to act as a catalyst for conversation to inspire excellence in teaching, learning, and leading. The four new members bring diverse experiences and expertise to our work and the mission of NHASCD. We welcome Dr. Lois Costa, Superintendent of Schools, SAU … Read More

2021 Outstanding Leadership Award Announced

NHASCD is pleased to announce that Dr. Cara Procek has been selected to receive its 2021 Outstanding Educational Leader Award. Procek has been an educator for 30 years. Her career has spanned many grades and subjects including positions at the elementary level, middle school language arts reading specialist, high school English, adult education, curriculum administration, and college teaching. Cara currently … Read More