My Wellness? No Time For That!

As educators and caregivers, we have a natural tendency to nurture others before ourselves. As a result, we are left feeling worn down, burned out, and hopeless. Our own wellness gets bumped to the last item on the growing and endless to-do list. During this global health crisis, we are in what feels like a constant state of triage, and … Read More

How High Is Your Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, as defined by Daniel Goleman (1995) includes: Self-awareness – recognizing your feelings, knowing when you are having an emotion, and naming it. Self-management – ability to make conscious decisions about how to respond to an emotion. Social awareness – recognizing and understanding the feelings that others experience. Social management – ability to form healthy relationships, manage conflicts, motive, … Read More

Bring Back School Community Traditions and Celebrations

New Hampshire Educators, The upcoming school year is already filled with anxiety, worry, and fear. However, We want to focus on what New Hampshire Educators do best, doing right by students. Last Spring, NHASCD partnered with stakeholders from across the NH education community to discuss what coming back to school looks like for the Fall of 2021. We heard from … Read More

Stress-Burning Strategies for Educators

The following articles are from ASCD Express – Ideas from the Field These are stressful times.  Even when not experiencing a global pandemic, nearly half of all teachers say they have  high levels of daily stress. Without tools to manage these feelings, teacher burnout and turnover rates will continue to climb. What can make teaching more sustaining and less draining? … Read More