Tackling the Motivation Crisis: How to Activate Student Learning Without Behavior Charts, Pizza Parties, or Other Hard-to-Quit Incentive Systems (Live or Asynchronous On-Line)
Oct 28 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

This event is co-sponsored by NHASCD and NHASP.

“Do we have to do this?” “Is this going to be graded?” “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”

Questions like this are infuriating. They seem to indicate a lack of motivation in students, and it’s so disheartening to feel like we’re having to threaten or bribe students to get them to do schoolwork. After all, didn’t we get into teaching because we’re passionate about learning—and don’t we want our students to share that passion?

In this active and interactive (and dare I say provocative?) workshop, we’ll explore the question of motivation in great depth. We’ll look at common school practices (such as traditional grading, incentive systems, and praise) that are meant to motivate but which actually demotivate. We’ll also explore lots of practical strategies for tapping into students’ intrinsic motivations so that they’ll be more energized and engaged with daily learning. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a more complete understanding of how motivation actually works as well as many strategies for making learning more motivational for your students.

About the Speaker

For fifteen years, Mike taught third, fourth, and fifth grades, first in East Lyme, CT, and later in Portsmouth, NH. He loved facilitating independent research with his students, was always on the look-out for the next great read-aloud, and loved to find ways to make all learning fun and purposeful from his students’ perspectives.

Mike has also worked with children in a variety of other settings. He was a high school and age-group swim coach. He worked with preschool children all through his undergraduate years. More recently, he served as a parent helper in a high school science club (where he was nicknamed “Science Dad” by one of the students).

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Elevate Intellectual Engagement with Performance Assessments (Live or Asynchronous Opportunity)
Jan 20 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Assessments should deliver actionable information to both teacher and student, and traditional formats such as short-answer responses or multiple-choice questions may be limited in their capacity to do so. Performance-based assessments, on the contrary, require increased intellectual engagement and ensure that students must demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge and skills. Further, they offer an opportunity to measure various competencies and student’s transferability of learning. In this workshop, learn design principles and gain practical implementation strategies for performance assessments to apply in your classroom no matter the grade or subject!


Lindsay Prendergast, M.Ed. currently serves as a School Improvement Coach with NWEA and a Framework Specialist with The Danielson Group. Lindsay is an ASCD Emerging Leader. She recently concluded five years as the Principal of an international school in the Dominican Republic and has worked as a Special Education Teacher and Administrator for the past seventeen years. Throughout her career, Lindsay has designed and delivered professional development in English and Spanish for educators around the world on various topics including curriculum development, assessment, and grading practices. She has authored informational and research articles for ASCD, Curriculum Insight, InterEd, Scope Education, and several other education publications on various topics. Lindsay is also a team member and leader of school engagement review teams for Cognia (formerly AdvancED) and is a Fellow with the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE).

Abigail French is an accomplished presenter, an online instructional coach and mentor, an educational course designer, and a sixth-grade teacher at Peter Muhlenberg Middle School in Woodstock, Virginia. She is currently celebrating year twelve in her teaching career, with Shenandoah CountyPublic Schools.

In addition to teaching, Abby partners with VaLIN and VaSCL to lead schools in implementing performance assessments through the Virginia Assessment Collaborative, as an innovation and social studies content coach. In September 2020, Abby was selected as a Class of 2020 ASCD Emerging

Through her involvement as a board member with UnisonEDU, a non-profit organization, Abby works to provide equitable professional development to schools. She also advocates for public education and better working conditions for teachers and students as an officer with the Shenandoah County Education Association. Outside of school, Abby enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family, preferably outdoors.

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From Classrooms to Staff Rooms: Inquiry-based Learning Engagements For Your Students and Staff (Live or Asynchronous Online)
Jan 26 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

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Do you want your students and teachers to think deeper and construct the meaning of concepts and content in their own meaningful ways? In this session, be prepared to investigate the power of inquiry cycles and how inquiry-based learning experiences create such rich learning. Be prepared to participate in thought-provoking, inquiry-based learning experiences that are useful for students at any grade level, or for teachers in their faculty meetings or professional learning sessions. The interactions will center around the use of visible thinking practices, questioning, and will provide opportunities to see how to extend learning in so many ways, allowing for the engagement of all learners. 

About the presenter

Tammy Musiowsky-Borneman is a teacher coach, education consultant, and international education adviser who has experience teaching and leading in Singapore, New York City, and Edmonton, Canada. Selected as an ASCD Emerging Leader in 2014, she remains active with ASCD serving as a board member of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Alumni Affiliate. Her first book, The Minimalist Teacher, co-written with colleague C.Y. Arnold was released in June and will be available on the ASCD website. She has written several guest blogs for ASCD Inservice, Express, EdWeek Teacher blog, and more. Topics include student engagement, professional learning communities, and creating a strong culture of learning. Connect with her on social media @TMus_Ed or contact her by email at info@tmused.com.


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