Instilling Growth Mindset In Your Students

Research shows that when you get students to buy into the idea that the brain is a muscle and it has the capacity to strengthen and grow, the result is better motivation, stronger resolve to succeed, and higher academic achievement.

But growth mindset needs to be practiced in connection with strong pedagogy and robust curriculum.

It is important that kids put in effort and believe they can achieve but as teachers, we must offer up learning experiences that are engaging, valuable, accessible, and meaningful in order for growth mindset to make a true difference in learning outcomes.

We can teach, model, and coach growth mindset in a way that inspires others to see their own potential for success.

There will be times when teaching with a growth mindset will prove frustrating.  It will take endless amounts of patience and resolve to encourage students to try a new strategy when they’ve given up.  It will take changing the way you offer praise and feedback.  It will take intentional, purposeful interactions with everyone you meet.  And it will be worth it!

About the Author

Lucy Canotas is the NHASCD Secretary and Director of Elementary Curriculum for the Timberlane Regional School District.  In 2015, Ms Canotas received the National Education Association’s Teaching Excellence Award.