Beat Teacher Burnout! Exciting New Resource

Beat Teacher Burnout Institute  –  Are you starting to feel burned out—exhausted and ragged? Have you felt your passion, purpose, and energy for teaching fading? Are you struggling with managing stress? Do administrators keep telling you to “take care of yourself” without offering resources to help you do so? You know that your students need you at your best, but your “best” seems so far away.

Author, consultant, and NHASCD member, Mike Anderson created and developed a series of short and practical online courses to help you get back on track!

This institute consists of five online courses. Each course is bite-sized and flexible. You’ll hear thoughtful advice, real-life stories, and learn practical strategies. Each offers invitations and choices of activities, so educators can do as much or as little as they need to do. These are asynchronous courses, so teachers can work anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.

Most lessons apply to any educator in any role: teachers, paraeducators, principals, counselors, support staff, and more. Lessons will also apply to educators regardless of how they are teaching: in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model. A few extra lessons have been designed specifically with remote teachers and school leaders in mind.

The first course, Small Changes = Big Gains, is considered a prerequisite for the others. It’s also short—about 1 hour. Each of the other four can be taken in whatever order teachers would like. Educators can download and print certificates after completing each course.

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