Are You An Emerging Leader? Do You Know Someone Who Is?

Dana Foulds, NHASCD Board Member and Class of 2016 ASCD Emerging Leaders, calls on NH Educators to be part of the Emerging Leaders Program.

The window for applying for the 2020 Class of ASCD Emerging Leaders has passed, but the ASCD selection committee will be screening applicants for the Class of 2021 in April.  The new class will be announced in September.  When the application period opens, the link will be placed here.

Let’s look forward to the next Emerging Leader class and have at least one person from New Hampshire in the Class of 2021.

According to ASCD, you or someone you know may be a good fit for the Emerging Leader Program if you said yes to any of these questions:

  • Are you an accomplished educator with 5–15 years of experience who wants to get more involved in ASCD and the education community as a whole?
  • Do you firmly believe that each child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged?
  • Are you committed to servant leadership, contributing to the good of the profession?
  • Are you the sort of person who finds more joy in the journey than the destination?
  • Do you prefer to forge your own path and ask questions as you go, rather than being shown exactly what to do?
  • Are you the kind of person who persists in the face of resistance?
  • Are you seeking a group of educators who, like you, are driven and passionate about education and boast a variety of backgrounds, roles, and experiences?