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Presentation proposals must be submitted by June 30, 2024, 11:59 PM to be considered for the program.  You will be notified by August 1, 2024.

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NHASCD Whole Child, Whole Educator Series

New Hampshire ASCD is now accepting proposals for the 2024 -25 Professional Learning Series presentation sessions. The conference breakout sessions run for 60 minutes and allow time for questions, reflection, and valuable feedback.

The 2024-25 Conference Series titled "Whole Child, Whole Educator" aims to inspire and empower educators to change the conversation about education to serving students through the Whole Child Tenets of Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged. It is a gathering supporting the well-being of both students and educators alike. This series serves as a platform for educators, administrators, counselors, and policymakers to come together and explore innovative approaches to fostering the healthy development of every child, while also prioritizing the self-care and professional growth of educators. We are looking for proposals for our full-day conferences on September 20 and February 13.

This series caters to educators at all levels.  We're looking for presentations that not only engage the audience but also foster innovation and collaboration. We encourage presenters to offer actionable insights that attendees can readily implement in their educational settings.

Join us in shaping the future of education by sharing your innovative ideas and strategies at one or more NHASCD Whole Child, Whole Educator Series events. Please submit your proposal today and join our journey toward educational excellence.

Our podcast is live with Carol Tolman, co-founder of LETRS and Heidi Zollman

Listen to NHASCD Spotlight, A podcast where authors, educators, and others discuss a host of educational topics and issues. On our latest podcast, we interview Carol and Heidi about the power of LETRS professional development as well as the debut of Reading League New Hampshire.

You can find this episode anywhere you access your podcasts or click here.

New episodes drop every first and third Friday.


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