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Teacher Onboarding & Mentoring
A Five-Module Course

Session 1:   September 25
Session 2:          October 9
Session 3:        October 23
Session 4:      November 6
Session 5:    November 20

Registration Fee:  $599 per teacher

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Contact Bill Carozza (bill@nhascd.org).

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Listen to NHASCD Spotlight, A Podcast where authors, educators, and others discuss a host of educational topics and issues. Our latest guest is Alyssa Gallagher, author of the just-released ASCD Book Messy Leadership.

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Many students are beginning to fear climate change. How can we raise climate consciousness while giving our kids hope? https://www.edsurge.com/news/2024-05-21-teachers-are-introducing-young-learners-to-climate-consciousness-hope-is-key-they-say #climatechange

It’s a long-debated question: When grant money is used to purchase human resources and show results, do you keep the positions once the funding dries up? The Concord, NH school district is dealing with this conundrum. https://concordmonitor.com/Concord-school-district-math-coaches-program-ending-55144977

Right from the ASCD Blog: How can we boost math instruction as we head into the end of the school year and the summer? https://www.ascd.org/blogs/4-ways-to-boost-math-instruction #mathinstruction #math

One of the great hopes of AI in the K-12 world is that it might save time for teachers. Could AI help grade essays? https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/63809/ai-essay-grading-could-help-overburdened-teachers-but-researchers-say-it-needs-more-work

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