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 2021 - 2022 Professional Learning Series  

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Elevating How We Teach and How All Students Learn with Science of Learning Research and Next-Day Strategies (Live or Asynchronous Opportunity)

Live Event:  September 23 from 4:30 - 6:00 PM
On-Demand Available Starting September 24th

Each student’s academic, social, and emotional recovery and acceleration out of disrupted school experiences because of COVID requires highly skilled and adaptive teachers who know the science behind how the brain learns. Now more than ever, all students deserve teachers and school leaders who know the science behind how their brains learn, work, change, and thrive.

In this webinar

  • discover the most promising research and strategies in the science of teaching and learning,
  • explore strategies that support students’ academic, social and emotional development,
  • discuss various pathways to begin or elevate an entire school or district’s use of the science of learning to inform and transform instructional design and the whole child’s school experience, and
  • experience how the internationally recognized CTTL (Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning) is transforming the delivery of professional learning.

This webinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, instructional specialists, professional development coordinators, and deans of faculty, and will be led by Glenn Whitman, Executive Director of the internationally recognized CTTL (Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning).


2021 Board Planning Retreat

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