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March 22, 2024 NHASCD K-8 Math Conference Program

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K-8 Math Conference - March 22, 2024 - Click here to register

Our podcast is live with authors Lindsay Prendergast and Piper Lee!

Listen to NHASCD Spotlight: A Podcast where authors, educators, and others discuss a host of educational topics and issues.  Our latest guests are Lindsay Prendergast and Piper Lee, authors of Habits of Resilient Educators: Strategies for Thriving During Times of Anxiety, Doubt, and Constant Change.

You can find this episode anywhere you access your podcasts or by clicking here.

Linsday and Piper are also conducting a free seminar for NHASCD on the subject of their book. Learn more and register at this link. 

New episodes drop every first and third Friday.


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A leading tech organization The Consortium for School Networking, released their “Driving K-12 Innovation Report” with new 2024 trends, challenges, and tools: https://www.eschoolnews.com/innovative-teaching/2024/02/27/cosn-names-9-edtech-hurdles-trends-and-tools/

In an increasingly divided society, how can school leaders handle disagreement in their schools? https://www.ascd.org/blogs/5-ways-school-leaders-can-handle-disagreement

What are the habits of resilient educators? Find out more with authors Lindsay Prendergast and Piper Lee at their free NHASCD webinar on April 2 from 4-5 pm. Register at http://nhascd.org. #ResilientEducators

We are watching the rise of the science of reading, but one question is the source of recent controversy: what should we do with phonemic awareness? https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/63241/as-schools-embrace-the-science-of-reading-researchers-are-criticizing-an-overemphasis-on-auditory-skills #PhonemicAwareness

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