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Celebrate Our Educators,
Not Scrutinize Them

A Letter from the NHASCD Board of Directors

The world has been gripped by a pandemic that has created a shared traumatic experience for all people. The effects will be studied for years to come. New Hampshire educators have risen to the challenge. Our educators redesigned curriculum for remote learning. Our educators drove to students’ houses to give encouragement. Our educators taught, and continue to teach, with guidelines for health and safety that previous generations have never seen. Our educators facilitated discussions for our students to make sense of the current state of our country. Our educators will continue to fill learning gaps and address emotional needs for years. Just like the granite our state is built upon, our educators are solid, polished supports for our communities. 

The pressure our educators have been facing has been astronomical. They are under the magnifying glass of judgment and ill-informed decision making, but they are resilient. Rather than scrutinize our educators, we must celebrate the steps they take to help our students learn. We must lift them up and acknowledge the experts they are. Let us celebrate the trust and respect between our educators and the communities throughout New Hampshire.

Albert Einstein stated, "In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity." Let’s seize this opportunity of struggle to rebuild our relationships and strengthen our connection with one another. New Hampshire's system for education - students, parents, educators must work together to overcome this moment of turmoil. 

NHASCD’s mission is to serve as catalysts for conversation and action to ensure excellence in teaching, learning, and leading. In doing so, NHASCD wants to showcase the powerful work New Hampshire educators do. We would like to invoke a call of action to the people of New Hampshire—students, parents, community members, school staff, and district leaders. We want your stories, your videos, and/or your pictures of New Hampshire educators doing what we do best—developing New Hampshire’s future. Please send submissions to nhascd@nhascd.org by December 23, 2021. NHASCD will be showcasing our triumphs in the Spring of 2022. 

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NHASCD's mission is to serve as a catalyst for conversation and action to inspire excellence in teaching, learning, and leading.