Policy decisions affect you and your students every day. We’ll keep you informed.

NHASCD follows the work and actions of the New Hampshire Board of Education and the New Hampshire State Legislature.

Here are a few bills that may be of interest to you:

  • SB 141 – Establishing a committee to study violence in schools.  Read the bill here
  • HB 1353 – Establishing a commission to study equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in athletics. Read the bill here
  • HB 1492 –An act relative to a course of action when a child’s attendance at a school has resulted in a manifest educational hardship. Read the bill here
  • HB 564 – An act relative to possession of firearm in safe school zones.  This bill prohibits carrying a firearm in a safe school zone.  Passed by the House; Vetoed by the Governor. Read the bill here

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