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NHASCD follows the work and actions of the New Hampshire Board of Education and the New Hampshire State Legislature.

Here are a few bills that may be of interest to you:

  • HB 111 – (Passed on May 16, 2019) Establish a committee to study the effect of the opioid crisis, substance misuse, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and domestic violence as a cause of posttraumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD) and other mental health and behavioral problems in NH children and students,  Sponsors:  S. Shurtleff, M Mulligan, P. Campion, M. Walz, L. Weber, M. Heath, L. Tanner, K. Rice, Ti Smith, s. Carson, M. Hennessey.  Status:  In Senate Health and Human Services Committee.
  • HB 226 – Reduces from 5 to 3 the consecutive years of teaching required for a teacher to be entitled to notification and a hearing if the teacher is not reappointed.  Sponsors: (Prime) Constance Van Houten, Brian Sullivan, Donald Bouchard, Heidi Hamer. Status:  In Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee.
  • HB 258 – Establishing a committee to study teacher preparation and education programs.  Sponsors:  M. Heath, C. Van Houten, P. Cornell  Status:  In Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee.
  • HB 719 – Establishing the position of school nurse coordinator in the department of education and making an appropriation therefor.  Sponsors:  P. Champion, J Martin, L Tanner, S. Berrien, M. Heath, S. Chandley

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