Collective Teacher Efficacy: Implications for School Leaders, Teachers & Instructional Coaches


October 9, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Grappone Center
70 Constitution Ave
Jan Yost, Executive Director

What is it, specifically, that instructional leaders and teachers do to support and implement Collective Teacher Efficacy?  In this interactive and engaging session, participants will learn how teacher efficacy and clarity can make a significant difference to student learning.

Empirical studies have recognized teacher efficacy as a major predictor of teachers’ complete commitment to teaching – more powerful than self-concept, self-esteem, and perceived control.  Four seminal reviews of the impact of teacher efficacy by Ross (1998), Goddard et al. (2000), Labone (2004), and Hattie (2015) reveal consistent findings:  teachers who report a higher sense of efficacy, both individually and jobs, display greater effort and motivation, take on extra roles in their schools, and are more resilient across the span of their career.

According to Professor John Hattie (Visible Learning), Collective Teacher Efficacy ranks number one out of 200 influencers that impact student achievement and progress.  With an overall effect size of 1.39, simply stated, student achievement improves when teachers and leaders work together to make each other better!

This session includes design templates and other tools to acquire efficacy through disciplined collaboration and research-based instructional strategies.  Remember, Visible Learning is founded on evidence, not sacred cows.  Participants will examine effective instructional practices in order to determine the “collective impact” on student achievement and learning.

About Steve

Stephen Ventura is a Professional Development Associate for The Leadership and Learning Center. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high stakes data collection and decision making armed with practical, research-based strategies.

He is a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher. His administrative experiences encompass those of assistant principal, principal, director, and superintendent.

In addition to his professional development work with teachers and administrators, Steve is also a frequent speaker at state and national conferences and has contributed to several books focused on teaching, learning, and leadership. Titles include Standards and Assessment: The Core of Quality Instruction (2011) and Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Processes (2011).

Through his own reality-based experiences, Steve has inspired teachers and leaders across the nation to pursue higher levels of implementation with greater focus, rigor, and clarity. He has a strong moral aspect, intelligence, easy way with people, and saving a sense of humor that support him in his life and work.

Mr. Ventura resides in the small community of Templeton, Ca. He enjoys wakeboarding, racquetball, and reading.

Join Steve for an unforgettable session, and learn how to pursue higher levels of collective efficacy with greater focus, and clarity.

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