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Social Emotional Learning


May 8, 2020

Leading and Learning Through SEL Implementation

In this full-day session, we’ll examine the five components of social emotional learning (SEL) and the academic benefits of a fully-aligned and integrated SEL culture. Participants will discuss and participate in activities that centers on critical considerations when embarking on SEL implementation.

Through experiential activities, attendees will explore four ways in which to integrate SEL into educational practices so that every classroom and building becomes a social, emotional, and academic learning community in which everyone feels included, valued, and accepted. Though deep dialogue after the activities, we will delve into the interpersonal aspects of SEL reflection.

Finally, participants will have an opportunity to begin conducting an SEL assessment to investigate areas of strength and opportunities for growth, resulting in a basis for a viable plan of action towards SEL implementation.

Join us for a day of deepening our commitment to student-centered educational practices, sharing high-quality resources, and assessing progress towards the goal of “Every Child, Every Day.”


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All sessions are held at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH.

May 8 @ 9:00 am – 3:15 pm
9:00 am
Leading and Learning Through SEL Implementation In order for our students to achieve at their highest academic levels and be fully prepared for learning, living, and leading to their fullest potential, it is essential that they are placed at the center of education. Through the alignment of policy and practice, we can establish a Whole Child environment in which social ... Read More
This event has been postponed. More information to come.
9:00 am
What is it, specifically, that instructional leaders and teachers do to support and implement Collective Teacher Efficacy?  In this interactive and engaging session, participants will learn how teacher efficacy and clarity can make a significant difference to student learning. Empirical studies have recognized teacher efficacy as a major predictor of teachers’ complete commitment to teaching – more powerful than self-concept, ... Read More
Grappone Center
Jan 14 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
9:00 am
“What’s my grade? What’s it worth? Is there extra credit? Is this for a mark?” It’s time to shift the conversation. In this interactive workshop, learn the ways classroom teachers and administrators can adjust current practices to be a more inclusive, student-centered experience.  With reflection, self-assessment, and feedback, the conversation in the classroom can change to be one that is ... Read More
Grappone Center
9:00 am
Schools across New Hampshire have created a vision for their students. Each district’s set of competencies and “portrait of a graduate” describes the skills, knowledge and habits that we want each student to achieve. But how do we help each student to meet that vision – while recognizing who they are as individuals? Our workshop will focus on strategies to ... Read More
Grappone Center

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